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"EXCELLENT. These are the most powerful lucid dreaming MP3s I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy. Amazing!"

- Jennifer Lansbury,



Discover the SECRET Lucid Dreaming MP3s That Let You
Actually CHOOSE What Sort of Adventure You Want!

Fly Across the City ... Chat with Einstein ... Time Travel
Discover "Jurassic Park" ... Enjoy Adult Encounters ... & MORE!

Dear Friend
How would you like to...
Fly among the clouds, swooping down into cities – FREE like a bird !
Meet absolutely ANY hero of yours – even if they're no longer living!
Travel into the PAST and discover its secrets – or head for the FUTURE!
Brainstorm your PROBLEMS with Einstein, Da Vinci or Bill Gates!
Improve your GOLF HANDICAP, with expert training from Tiger Woods!
Enjoy EROTIC adventures with the sexiest people on the PLANET!
Step onto the world's WILDEST roller coaster – for the ride of your LIFE!

Yes, it sounds like science fiction...

Flying around New York City, just like Superman. Wind blowing through your hair. You can't believe it's actually happening - but the entire experience feels 100% genuine. Can you IMAGINE the thrill?


It's a method of "waking up" inside your dreams, and controlling them. Do absolutely ANYTHING you want. Your ENTIRE experience will feel completely and totally realistic.

And YOU can be experiencing adventures JUST LIKE THIS, every single night - when you discover our exclusive range of Lucid Dreaming Adventure MP3s.

To begin, just select the sort of dream you want - a flying dream, a problem-solving dream, a roller coaster dream, a healing dream, a sexual dream. Then play that MP3 on loop as you fall asleep.

Then get ready for a FANTASTIC lucid dream! It really is THAT simple.

Interested? Read on to learn more...

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"Now this is the sort of program writers like me have been waiting for! It's EXCELLENT – and it works wonderfully. Just the sort of program I've been waiting for!"

- Leroy Stephens, Boynton Beach, FL, 33437
- ************


"YES – I Wrote the Definitive Book on Lucid Dreaming.
Here's What All The FUSS Is About – And Why I Consider
It The MOST POWERFUL Talent Anyone Can EVER Develop!"

I'm Bradley Thompson – and I'd like to really WELCOME you to this site.

Now, I've helped to produce many self-development products over the past ten years. You can discover many of the tools I've been involved with at Self Help Street.

These include Subliminal Power (now used by over one million individuals throughout the globe, including Olympic athletes and world business leaders!), Hypnosis Downloads, Binaural Beats, Subliminal Studio, Be Psychic – and more.

But of every single technology I've used, I have to say that ONE really affected me.


YES – It's "Lucid Dreaming."

And it was the motivation behind my best-selling book, "Lucid Dreaming in Seven Days."


Lucid dreaming is the ability to "wake up" INSIDE your dream.

Once you're "awake," you can control absolutely ANYTHING in your dream.

GO FLYING... Enjoy a mini tropical VACATION... Indulge in your ULTIMATE fantasy... Safely confront and overcome fears...

In a lucid dream, everything feels, smells, tastes EXACTLY the same as in real life.

The heat of the sun on your face. The taste of your gin and tonic, as you sit chatting to Winston Churchill. The smooth skin and sweet taste of your dream partner. The smell of the fresh sea air.


And if you've read my book on lucid dreaming, you'll know why...


"I experienced great results with the Lucid Dreaming Kit. But these MP3s are EVEN BETTER. I can now choose exactly what kind of lucid dream I want to enjoy. I've experienced HUGE SUCCESS, and want to say THANK YOU to Bradley for producing such a fantastic MP3 series."

- "John", Gilbert St, Enfield, EN3 6PE, UK


"Here's Why 99.9% of People Have BIG PROBLEMS
When They First Try Out Lucid Dreaming –
Discover How YOU Can Gain an IMMEDIATE Advantage &
Enjoy Your FIRST Lucid Dreaming AdventureTONIGHT!"

Lucid dreaming requires TWO THINGS to be in place in order to work.

Firstly, you need to "WAKE UP" while you're inside a dream.

"Waking up" means to become become fully aware that you're dreaming. It's like diving into a television set and becoming the main character. When you're aware that you're dreaming, you can control the dream completely.

If you aren't prompted to "wake up" inside the dream, your mind takes over - and your imagination just runs away with itself. You become passive. You're watching the dream.

And that means you CAN'T control the dream - and enjoy those AMAZING, life-changing adventures!

Secondly, you need to be RELAXED.

That may seem obvious, but can you imagine how many people go to bed TENSEEXPECTING a lucid dream to occur, NERVOUS that maybe they WON'T experience a dream tonight?

Relaxation is key. The mind has to be in the right state – throughout the night. Most people start off on the wrong note, and it goes downhill from there.


IGNORE them and you may as well FORGET about lucid dreaming altogether!

When we produced "Lucid Dreaming in Seven Days," I helped to create an amazing "Audio Stimulation MP3<" – currently used by THOUSANDS of lucid dreamers throughout the globe.

The MP3 provides "REALITY PROMPTS" to "wake" the user as they enter their dreams. It also utilizes special brainwave entrainment tones to ensure the listener remains relaxed, and in the right brainwave state to become lucid.

It solves ALL of the problems associated with lucid dreaming.

THE MP3 WORKED MIRACLES – and enjoys 100,000 fans throughout the globe.

But there's ONE request I've heard over and over again from listeners.

"Bradley – Can you RECREATE that SAME MP3<, but this time for SPECIFIC Lucid Dreaming Adventures? Like FLYING? Or PROBLEM-SOLVING? Or SEXUAL adventures?"

And the answer is – YES.


"Lucid dreaming works WONDERS for your self-development. These are the ONLY CDs in the WORLD that induce lucid dreaming for specific situations! Let go of your past... Problem-solve with Einstein... Get rid of stage fright. I'm astounded, and recommend these CDs highly. A++++++"

- Karl Moore, self-development writer & entrepreneur


"Discover Over a DOZEN Specially-Created Sleep ADVENTURES!
Go Flying, Meet Your Hero, Enjoy Sexual Adventures & MORE.
Just PLAY the MP3 – And Fall Asleep. No Effort REQUIRED!"

Have you ever heard of "The Lucids?"

It was a special group I formed a number of years ago to study lucid dreaming.

We explored literally every method of inducing lucid dreams available – and it was the inspiration behind my book, "Lucid Dreaming in Seven Days."

One of our SECRETS was that we created SPECIAL CDs to help induce VERY SPECIFIC lucid dreams - such as flying, or time traveling, or chatting with Einstein.

The MP3s contained a specially created script, taking the listener into a lucid dreaming state – and then "awakening" them while inside the dream, and guiding them to their experience.

They also contained special brainwave entrainment sounds – ensuring you went DEEP. And QUICK.

The RESULTS were absolutely AWE-INSPIRING.

We had people that had literally NEVER EVEN TRIED LUCID DREAMING BEFORE suddenly reporting amazing success – ON THEIR FIRST NIGHT.


Why not? Because they were private creations. And we never really thought people would be interested in SPECIFIC types of lucid dreams – such as flying dreams, or dreams for meeting your hero.

RECENT LETTERS from lucid dreaming fans has proved OTHERWISE!

So – for the VERY FIRST TIME EVER – we've decided to release the MP3s publicly.

We've literally recreated EACH of the NINE MP3s we originally produced, PLUS we've created an extra THREE MP3s dealing with ADULT matters!

And they're EASY to use too.

Just play the MP3 on loop, as you gently fall asleep.

You don't need to do ANYTHING special. The MP3s will literally do ALL of the work for you, leaving you to sit back and enjoy the "adventure" of your choice. It's THAT SIMPLE.

It's ALSO more powerful than ANYTHING you've tried so far.

I want to repeat that, because it's REALLY an important point -

These MP3s are THE MOST POWERFUL lucid dreaming tool you've tried so far.

No kidding. These aren't simple "lucid dreaming relaxation" recordings. They're hand-crafted, individually scripted WORKS OF ART.

The accompanying backing music on each MP3 was composed by Max Andranov, perhaps one of the most talented musicians on the planet. And the monaural beats on the MP3 have been created by our team of brainwave technicians, to ensure you're ALWAYS in the best possible state for a lucid dream. (Monaural beats help control your brainwaves - without headphones!)

These MP3s are amazing. And now YOU can tap into their power...


"Now this is the sort of program writers like me have been waiting for! It's EXCELLENT – and it works wonderfully. Just the sort of program I've been waiting for!"

- Chris Draper, Quadra St, Victoria, BC, Canada
- christoph******


Browse the Catalog of AWESOME Lucid Dreaming Adventures! The Only Question You Have to Ask RIGHT NOW Is...
"Which Adventure Do I Want to Have TONIGHT?"

I want to briefly tell you about my friend, Michael Masterton.

Many of you will know him as the creator of The Speed Reading Secret.

What isn't commonly known is that he was a member of my lucid dreaming group, "The Lucids". He tried these MP3s. And here's what he said:


 "If you could sell a single hour with Einstein, the bidding would reach millions. That's exactly what you've done with these CDs. This is genuinely the most exciting discovery of my life!"

- Michael Masterton
- Author, The Speed Reading Secret, The Genius Mindset


So, let me ask you...

How much would you pay to experience just an HOUR with Einstein?

How about a whole EVENING?

Maybe you'd like to travel back in TIME and discover your own "Jurassic Park?" Or enjoy a fully-fledged tropical white sand holiday – from the comfort of your own bed? Or enjoy the most MIND-BLOWING sex you've EVER HAD?


PLUS: Even if you've NEVER tried lucid dreaming before, you'll receive my own personal 15-page starter guide that will get you up-and-running in MINUTES. It is absolutely NOT DIFFICULT -- WHEN you use the Lucid Dreaming Adventures MP3s. We'll give you EVERYTHING you need to get up-and-running. That's our GUARANTEE.


Simply click on one of the Lucid Dreaming Adventures below to learn more.

Don't worry, each page contains links back to all of the other sessions – so you won't get "lost" inside the individual product pages.

Just BROWSE the adventures – and ADD the ones you'd like to your basket...

Flying Adventures MP3<
Flying Adventure
Soar through the skies
View Details Add to Cart View Cart
Genius Brainstorm MP3<
Genius Brainstorm
Ask Da Vinci for ideas!
View Details Add to Cart View Cart
Holiday in a Box MP3<
Holiday in a Box
Enjoy a mini luxury vacation!
View Details Add to Cart View Cart
Meet Your Hero MP3<
Meet Your Hero
Chat with Churchill or Tiger!
View Details Add to Cart View Cart
Roller Coaster Heaven
Roller Coaster Heaven
Experience the ultimate thrill
View Details Add to Cart View Cart
Time Traveler MP3<
Time Traveler
Go back to the future
View Details Add to Cart View Cart
Letting Go of the Past
Letting Go of the Past
Release limiting events for good
View Details Add to Cart View Cart
Getting Rid of Fears MP3<
Getting Rid of Fears
Replace fear with confidence!
View Details Add to Cart View Cart
Getting Rid of Stage Fright MP3<
Getting Rid of Stage Fright
Learn to love your audience
View Details Add to Cart View Cart
Beach Babe Adventure MP3<
Beach Babe Adventure
Erotic adult fun – for men
View Details Add to Cart View Cart
Muscle Man Adventure MP3<
Muscle Man Adventure
Erotic adult fun – for women
View Details Add to Cart View Cart
Male Popstar Adventure MP3<
Male Popstar Adventure
Erotic adult fun – for men
View Details Add to Cart View Cart

Alternatively, you might be interested in purchasing our Lucid Dreaming Adventures bundle (with or without the adult sessions). To learn more, click on the image:

Click here to purchase the ENTIRE MP3 bundle!
Click here to purchase the ENTIRE MP3 bundle!

Click the above button to be taken to our bundle page, with further purchase options.


"EXCELLENT. As a dream analyst, I know what works and what doesn't. These lucid dreaming CDs are AMAZING. I personally use them almost every night, and feel SO RELAXED the next day. I'm now recommending your site to every single one of my clients. Great work!"

- Jennifer Lansbury,



Lucid dreaming is one of the most amazing talents an individual can discover.

But most people simply CANNOT get started. They spend years struggling – and can rarely direct the sort of dreams they really desire.

With Lucid Dreaming Adventures, you can decide exactly what sort of lucid dream you'd like to experience – BEFORE IT EVEN BEGINS.

It's unlike ANYTHING the lucid dreaming world has EVER seen before.

And now YOU can tap into its power.

Browse through the catalog – and discover what all the excitement is about.

Thanks for taking the time to visit Lucid Dreaming Adventures today!

With warm wishes,

Bradley Thompson
Bradley Thompson, Self-Development Author.
President, Self Help Street. Part of the WCCL Network.

PS. Remember what best-selling author Karl Moore said...
"These are the ONLY MP3s in the WORLD that induce lucid dreaming for specific situations!" And it's true. You won't find these ANYWHERE ELSE. It's a true revolution. Browse our catalog NOW!

PPS. We GUARANTEE you'll be thrilled with each MP3No kidding. That's why we offer a shocking THREE MONTH refund promise with every single Lucid Dreaming Adventures MP3<. If you're not thrilled, you WON'T have to pay a penny! Check out our catalog!

PPPS. Tried lucid dreaming before, WITHOUT SUCCESS? Then let these MP3s change your mind. Just play them on loop as you fall asleep -- and watch as your mind NATURALLY helps to induce the perfect lucid dream for you. I promise you'll be amazed. Just check our catalog and try it out, RISK-FREE!

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